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We, here at Polyastron Villas & Suites, can ensure you have our undivided attention for any kind of request.

Our family has created a sanctuary in harmony with nature, for your family to enjoy.

During your stay, take advantage of the experiences we offer: gastronomic events with locally produced goods, private hired cruises, wine tours and hikes.

Sani - Polyastron

About Sani

With pine trees almost touching the turquoise seas, Sani is the queen of the Kassandra Peninsula.

Sani is a luxurious holiday destination, built around a sandy contiguous beach for your indulgence. Sophisticated cafés and bars allow you to sit back and relax, gazing at the moored yachts in Sani Marina. 

Sani Festival is a major part of Sani summer experience, it is hosted on Sani Hill. Jazz on the Hill and Sounds of the World surround the byzantine tower during the months of July and August.

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Sea adventures:
The idyllic environment with clear turquoise seas and sandy beaches invite you to live unique experiences: Private boat cruises, water-sports and scuba diving

Explore the wildlife:
Hiking around Sani Forest may lead to observing turtles, lizards and small squirrels. If birdwatching is your preference, you’re in luck. Over 200 bird species have been spotted in the forest and the nearby wetlands of Sani.

Theme Expeditions: 
Historical, traditional, religious, gastronomic and wine routes are organised and offered to you.

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Hotel manager

Ioannis Tselekoglou

Ioannis Tselekoglou is managing Polyastron Villas & Suites. Mr. Tselekoglouis experienced in management, especially in the hospitality field.  

Be sure to say hello when you see him around the premises.