A sanctuary built for your well-being

Sani Polyastron Hotel & Spa could be your guide to a healthy living journey.
Our spa center and modern gym are located in the main building and are available to you by appointment.
They’ll satisfy your needs.

During your stay with us you can use the sauna, hammam area, indoor jacuzzi and of course the fully equipped fitness center.


Sauna & Steam Bath

For your information, saunas have been used for many of years and are still popular. A sauna can help people to relax, and it can have many health benefits.
Sweating was used as a therapy even 2-3000 years ago. A sauna is usually heated to 70° to 90° Celsius and useing it can raise the skin temperature to about 40° Celsius. The known benefits of sauna are relaxation and cardiovascular health.

Steam room ( Hammam)

A sauna uses dry heat, usually from hot stones or a closed oven. Hamamm are heated with steam from a generator filled with boiling water. The key to the steam bath’s unique health benefits is the humidity. Benefits: better metabolism, weight loss, and stress reduction,  improved cardiovascular function, and skin rejuvenation.


Your Fitness Routine - Uninterrupted

In our gym you’ll stay in shape and continue your fitness routine, even on vacation. Stay in shape at the gym and continue your fitness routine, even on vacation.

Exercise improves your mood, helps you sleep better, and improves your mood.
Men’s and women’s locker rooms are available and connected to the gym.

Gym equipment includes:
Stationary & Spin Bike
Bench Press
Leg Extension Machine
Lat Pull Machine

Exercise and physical activity can be enjoyable



Yoga under the pinetrees 

Our yogis will take you on a spiritual journey to help you find balance in mind and body. 

Follow the yoga flows among the forest tress or by the swimming pool and feel the energy move through your body.



Change your eating habbits

Food is a way of communication, a way to show our love to others, a way to get to know each other, to convey elements of culture and tradition. 

Eating habits define the way our day unfolds because of how much energy we have to spend. Allow our specialist to educate you on eating healthy.