A sanctuary built for your well-being

Polyastron Villas & Suites could be your guide for a healthy life journey.
The Aurora Spa and Samson Gym are located in the main building and are available to you by appointment.
They would satisfy your needs.

During your stay with us, various fitness and wellness events will alleviate the stress off your shoulders. 


Rejuvenate the body

Allow the therapeutic touch of our experienced partners to breathe new life into your sore muscles and reawaken your mind, to heal and cleanse your spirit. Holistic and relaxing massage rituals such as Tui-Na, Human Tecar® and Rejuvenance, enjoy along with sauna, hammam and jacuzzi.

The personalised treatments and soothing massages bring gentle joy and restore the smile of pampering on your face. Book a consultation with our experts to find the specific therapies or beauty treatments you might need.


Your Fitness Routine - Uninterrupted

In Samson Gym, you keep in shape and continue your fitness routine, even on vacation. 

The designated staff will be able to assist you in building your nutrition routine from the very beginning and coach you on personal training sessions.


Events during your stay

During the season, numerous events take place. Yoga under the pinetrees, hiking & birdwatching treks, nutritional conventions and healthcare packages .  

The area is indicated for both indoor and outdoor happenings.