Yoga Classes

Yoga under the pinetrees

Our yogis will take you on a spiritual journey to help you find balance in mind and body. Follow the yoga flows among the trees or by the swimming pool and feel the energy move through your body.

Choose between Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Gentle Therapeutic Yoga. Our yogis will adjust the flow depending on your skills and will focus on each one of you. 

To ensure our undivided attention, Yoga Classes require a booking beforehand

Polyastron Yoga Classes


Hatha yoga is a combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation.
Our yogi will be there throughout the range of slow, static poses and they will remind you to focus on your breathing.
Meditation is introduced at the end of the class, when the yogi will ask you to lay on your back and reflect.

Hatha yoga is a low intensity exercise routine. You will stretch, twist and will definitely relax.


On Vinyasa Yoga Class you will glide between poses, creating a flow. The yogi will guide you through the asanas and the outcome will be a choreographed symphony of yoga poses.

Vinyasa Yoga is a metaphor for life; we enter, stay and leave in each situation, just like we enter, stay and leave in each asana.  


Gentle Therapeutic Yoga will help you overcome obstacles that may trouble you, physical or emotional.

During the class you will be performing peaceful flows and practise breathing techniques. Each class is unique and two classes are never alike.

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga is suitable for everyone, especially for seniors, who will definitely benefit from the calm gentle movements and stretches.