Diet Planning

Nutrition is important to our health and mental well-being. Proper eating habits provide energy and thus we are able to cope with daily activities. Bad choices in our diet may cause serious health problems that would deprive us of the pleasures of life.

Introducing the Mediterranean diet with the help of our Dietitian and Nutritionist Efi Daoula. Together you will discover its health benefits, such as longevity, mood improvement and protection from potential health issues. Mediterranean diet has been recognised in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Golden olive oil, colourful fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, red wine from the Mediterranean vine are rich in essential nutrients. In the Mediterranean cultures, the way of life includes tasty foods, exercise, hydration and “siestas”.

Polyastron Diet Planning

Efi Daoula is a Dietitian and Nutritionist, with a BS in Dietetics and Nutrition from Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. She’s specialized in the field of Childhood Obesity, in Clinical Nutrition and in the Organization and Administration of Health Services after attending the respective programs of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

In 2013 Mrs. Daoula worked in the nutrition department of General Hospital of  Thessaloniki “Georgios Gennimatas”, professional activity include in addition to diet planning, collaboration with fitness academies and gyms, analysis and design of restaurant menus, nutritional education and participation in workshops, conferences, seminars.

Mrs. Daoula quotes: “I became a dietitian because I love people and food. I have always loved taking care of the people around me, cooking for them delicious and nutritious food. I believe in offering something that nourishes and benefits your loved ones. What I want as a dietitian is to educate in nutrition. It is of most importance to be aware of which foods nourish our body, so that we feel healthy and strong and can enjoy life full of energy. And I feel very lucky to be able to pass on this knowledge to my fellow human beings.”