Awards & Certificates

An International eco-label for Hotel Enterprises

Green Key has the following overall aims:

  • Increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of operation and technology in the establishments and thereby reducing the overall use of resources.
  • Raise awareness and create behavioural changes of guests, staff and suppliers of individual tourism
  • Increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable methods and raise awareness to create
    behavioural changes in the hospitality and tourism industry in overall


By attending the program, trainees have improved their following skills: 

  • Summarizes the sources and modes of transmission of the virus.
  • Applied information procedures to those in charge of the accommodation and the guests themselves.
  • Summarized methods and communication approach of visitors.
  • Act with based on the legal framework in case of illness by the staff.
  • Apply methods and practices of cleaning and disinfection of the identified points based on the risk and probability of transmission of the disease.
  • Observe the basic measures to prevent transmission of coronavirus-COVID-19.


Tourism Awards is the largest and most prestigious competition for the Greek tourism industry, judged by top tourism experts.

For the fifth consecutive year, Tourism Awards acknowledge leading practices and innovative initiatives launched by Greek tourism enterprises and institutions.

New categories featured in the fifth edition of the Tourism Awards, include “Marine Tourism” and “Travel Experience”, and aim to award excellence in enterprises and organizations for offering high-quality services.